Reviews and comparisons of the best gaming systems available

Gaming Systems

Xbox 360, has strong demand and continued sales growth. Without looking back, Microsoft has continually made refinements and improvements to the Xbox 360 video game console. By improving video quality, adding multimedia and internet functions and offering several console formats, you will find that the Xbox 360 offers the best gaming experience possible.

With the release of new gaming titles, Xbox 360 sets and continues to raise the standard for video game consoles. Microsoft has improved video and graphic output with the aid of custom-made graphic engines and new High Dynamic Range graphic technologies. The addition of “Halo 3″ and “Halo Reach” to its gaming lineup has forced Microsoft to make a quality online gaming experience and to improve on its overall gaming quality. When it comes to online gaming, nothing outdoes the freedom and ease of use that comes with Xbox Live. This one feature provides limitless access to online data and now includes social networking options and other amazing features.

The Nintendo 3DS is a portable game console with unique 3D gaming capabilities (no glasses required). If you’re looking for the best game console for kids then this might be it.

The Nintendo 3DS incorporates iPhone style technology (motion and gyro sensors) to allow you to dodge enemy fire or race around the track. The gaming system is a great way to keep your children quiet on those long cars rides and has no shortage of games that appeal to tweens and teenagers. The average price of a Nintendo 3DS game is around $30 with downloadable games starting from as little as $2.

The Nintendo 3DS is also backwards compatible with DS and DSi games. More recently the Nintendo 3DS has seen the release of the Nintendo 3DS XL, which is the same console on the inside but offers a size increase (both screen and buttons) which makes it an even stronger choice for younger gamers.

The Nintendo Wii U is the company’s first high-definition game system, and its graphical power rivals the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3. But its best feature isn’t the ability to compare favorably to 7- and 6-year-old game consoles. The Nintendo Wii U has a huge, tablet-like controller that combines the motion controls of the Wii, the physical controls of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and the touch screen of the Nintendo 3DS.

The PlayStation Vita delivers outstanding visuals on its 5-inch OLED touch screen that look almost as good as PS3 graphics. The system’s launch lineup is very impressive and allows for downloading of some games (including all first-party titles) over the PlayStation Network. The Vita’s operating system is uniquely designed, easy to use, and very responsive. The unit has good battery life and easy to hold.

The Vita does use proprietary media and connections across the board, and even requires the purchase of a separate memory card to play most games and use most apps, which results in a hidden cost. Battery life could be improved, and there’s no way it can be replaced by the user. There’s also no video out.

Overall, the PlayStation Vita is one of the most advanced portable gaming systems ever made. While the price is deceiving because of a hidden cost, gamers are getting an impressively complete package.